About - M A J E S T I C  P R I N T S 

"We are purveyors of the weird, the wonderful, and the obscure."

Maps have always been a source of wonder and adventure for me. The knowledge of having the "lay of the land" in your hands, the power to navigate wherever your heart desires, has been a lifelong obsession for me. I've always been a spatially minded person, even in childhood, as I could imagine things and places and flip them around in my head, always aware which way was North. Maps take that imagination and put it down on paper, tangible and shareable.

In much the same way, the art of woodblock and copperplate engraved prints transports one to another time and place. This time honoured craft allows for amazing detail, clarity, and variations in shade and light for stunning dramatic effect. The works created by these old masters take you somewhere the physical body could never go, into the realm of childhood dreams. As an artist myself, I can sit for hours studying the movement of lines, play of light, and ethereal atmosphere.

It's the obsession and admiration of these great works I attempt to share here at Majestic Prints. I scour books and various archives for fantastical imagery suitable for our purposes. I enhance them for clarity, and digitally repair any distracting blemishes, leaving behind the wear and foxing that adds to the character and intrigue of their history. There are adventures to be had, if only for a moment, in these weird and wonderful images. It's been said that you have to know where you've been to know where you're going. So join me inside, and relish where we have been through these majestic images. I hope to make the "where you're going" a more beautiful place.

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