The Zodiacal Man image from Jean de Berry's Book of Hours is a unique and fascinating piece of art that has captured the attention of historians, art enthusiasts, and astrology buffs alike.

Located in the British Library in London, this illuminated manuscript was created in the early 15th century for Jean de Berry, a wealthy and influential patron of the arts. The Book of Hours was a type of devotional text that contained prayers and psalms, and was often lavishly decorated with illuminated miniatures.

One of the most striking miniatures in the Book of Hours is the Zodiacal Man, or "Homo Signorum" (Man of Signs) which depicts a human figure with images of the twelve astrological signs arranged on and around his body, accompanied by short verses that describes the characteristics of the corresponding signs.

The Zodiacal Man not only represents the astrological signs, but also symbolizes the idea that humans are influenced by the stars and planets. This concept was a central belief in medieval astrology, and was closely tied to Christian theology and the idea of divine predestination.

But the Zodiacal Man is more than just a symbol of astrological beliefs. It is also a stunning work of art that showcases the incredible skill and attention to detail of the artist. The intricate patterns, bold colors, and gold leaf accents all contribute to the overall beauty of the image.

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