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  • Oedipus on Murder, Incest, Fate, and the Riddle of the Sphinx

    In our exclusive edition of Jean Auguste Ingres's detailed drawing, we meet the traveling Oedipus in conversation with the Sphinx, a creature with the head of a woman, body of a lion, and wings of an eagle, who guarded the road into the city of Thebes.

    The Sphinx would pose a riddle to passing travelers; one had only to answer correctly to pass into the city, yet none had ever solved it and were promptly devoured.

    The Sphinx's riddle went as such...
  • Vintage Art and Antiquated Prints

    Majestic Prints was born out of our passion for the antiquated art and relics of the past. Old maps, fantastical art, scientific illustrations, architectural drawings... These are works by true old masters who put painstaking effort and hours into creating some truly mind blowing feats of artistry. So much amazing imagery has been created throughout history, and as we progress through our own times we lose touch and often completely miss out on appreciating them. We've made it our mission to "bring sexy back", and expose these great works to as many people as possible.

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